Jusoor Labs

Interactive virtual lab simulation for STEM

Jusoor is an EdTech startup that offers interactive simulation, virtual labs for students and educational institutions; Especially in STEM subjects. Jusoor platform also helps schools and universities who have lack of access to physical labs due to many reasons, such as costs of labs and experiments, pandemic and lockdowns, risks or experiments, available spaces…etc. Therefore, Jusoor is currently designing virtual experiments for multidisciplinary subjects overlooking all limitations and obstacles and provide rich content for all types of experiments to allow students to better understand and practice their labs.

More than 30% of MENA Region schools don’t have a science lab also 65 million students don’t have access to science labs at MENA Region, so Jusoor here to meet the needs of educational institutions from universities, schools, students, and teachers from virtual laboratories due to the lack of materials and tools and to provide a safe interactive educational environment from anywhere at a reasonable cost so in the last period we help more than 1500 student to learn with the virtual labs.

Jusoor also work with SDGs and active many goals such as Education Quality by offer a good opportunity for all student around the world especially the female to get access to the virtual labs and help the most disable student to get the same opportunity to lean in safety mode and with the best technical according to their disability in other side Jusoor Preserving environment so that we completely dispensed with the use of paper and this reduce logging, and also there is no need anymore to deplete the resources of nature of minerals and elements that were previously needed for the work of chemistry experiments and this leads to the non-production of toxic gases that come out of chemical experiments and that affect the Human and environment.